Sarah Bruce

City of Hillsboro

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City of Hillsboro


I have been working with state and local governments to better manage growth and resources for about 18 years. I help communities accommodate development in ways that are compact, environmentally respectful, resilient, and conducive to active mobility. Smart development combined with land conservation and strategic infrastructure investments are critical to sustaining our quality of life.

Topical Expertise
- land use planning and community sustainability
- floodplain management and hazard mitigation
- natural and constructed green infrastructure
- smart growth/transit-oriented development
- public works and infrastructure planning
- transportation demand management

- project & program development and management
- project & program evaluation and reporting
- public and technical communications
- budgets, agreements, and funding formulas
- document development and desktop publishing
- strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, and facilitation

I enjoy building my skills in environmental assessment, open space planning, public infrastructure & asset management, brownfields and riverfront rehabilitation, multimodal transportation planning, evaluation analytics, visual communications, redevelopment & real estate, economic analyses, urban land use/long-range/comprehensive planning, and GIS & other technical tools.