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Lisa Beutler, AWRA's President-Elect, specializes in helping organizations and communities reach decisions and create effective public policy. After a decade as the Associate Director of the Sacramento State University Center for Collaborative Policy she recently moved to MWH, a global engineering firm. Here she helps clients with strategic thinking, collaborative policy, and water resources and other planning. She has a proven track record leading numerous complex, high profile projects ranging from water, land-use, and energy planning to off-highway vehicles, technology, substance abuse, and religious conflict resolution. Her management portfolio includes organizational development, law enforcement, corrections, and natural resources.

She is a nationally recognized practitioner in large group processes and continues to explore the use of technology to improve collaboration, transparency and decision making. She is also a popular presenter at professional conferences.

Internationally, she was part of the team that designed and implemented a meeting with the Parliament of World’s Religions convened in Barcelona, Spain in July 2004. This project included designing a meeting methodology for engaging 400 global leaders of religious and spiritual communities – in partnership with leaders and others from organizations in civil society, government and business – to address the obligations of the faith community in providing clean, safe water to the people of the world.

Her work is and has been studied extensively and as far back as reviews in the Public Productivity & Management Review (Sage 1996). Other reviewers have included the US Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution and multiple researchers examining the California Water Plan. She has also been featured in a variety of publications by Cornell professor John Forrester and will soon be featured in a new book published by Berrett-Koehler.

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