2017 Summer Specialty Conference on Climate Change Solutions: Collaborative Science, Policy and Plan

Sunday, June 25 - Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The value of an AWRA specialty conference is its diversity. Your personal and professional network will grow from the experience, as you will walk away with new contacts (and potential partners), a deeper understanding of these issues, and fresh perspectives. Every effort is made to engage water professionals in all fields of water resources management. From physical, biological and social sciences, to managers, planners, policy makers, educators; all are brought together with the understanding that our complex water issues cannot be solved by any one sector. By participating in the conference, your research and recommendations can inform tomorrow's actions.

In this sixth installment of AWRA's Climate Change Conference Series, we continue the dialogue from previous meetings to address the challenges we face as a Nation in understanding and responding to climate change. The theme of this year's meeting is Climate Change Solutions: Collaborative Science, Policy and Planning for Sustainable Water Management. Responding to climate change is complicated by the scale, complexity and inherent uncertainty of the problem. Climate change adaptation must use the best available science while managing uncertainty. Challenges remain in developing the scientific information necessary to support water resources adaptation planning. Managers and policy makers also often struggle with translating information produced by the scientific community for use in decision-making. Collaborative solutions involving scientists, managers and other stakeholders are essential to ensure management and policy decisions are informed by the best available science, and that the scientific community in turn has a strong awareness of managers' and policy makers' highest priority needs.

So join us in the Nation's Capital for an engaging week of water dialogue with fellow water resource movers and shakers from throughout the country. Take advantage of everything AWRA has to offer - several days of community, conversation, and connections that will benefit all water resources professionals. We look forward to seeing you there!


Sheraton Tysons Hotel
8661 Leesburg Pike
Tysons, VA 22182
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Patricia Reid